Microsoft Azure Sphere - Go for Maximum IoT Security

Make the connected world a safer place with Azure Sphere

Securely connecting an IoT MCU design to the Cloud?

Azure Sphere enables just that! Azure Sphere isn’t just a simple microcontroller. It’s a solution for building highly secure devices composed of three components: a unique microcontroller built by one of Microsoft’s silicon partners, a lightweight OS with defense-in-depth capabilities, and a cloud security service. This three-part solution is defining a new standard for industrial IoT device security.

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Technology & Solution Overview

  • Secured MCUs
    A new class of crossover Azure Sphere MCUs, from our silicon partners, with built-in Microsoft security technology provide connectivity, high performance, and a secured hardware root of trust.

  • Secured Operating System
    The highly-secured Azure Sphere IoT OS combines the best of Microsoft and OSS technologies to create a trustworthy platform for new IoT experiences.

  • Secured by our Cloud Service
    The Azure Sphere Security Service guards every Azure Sphere device; it protects your devices and customers, detectsemerging threats, and proactively responds.

Highly-secured connected devices require 7 properties


Microsoft Azure Sphere: Secure Hardware

Hardware Root of Trust
Is your device's identity and software integrity secured by hardware?

Microsoft Azure Sphere: In Depth Defense

Defense in Depth
Does your device remain protected if a security mechanism is defeated?

Microsoft Azure Sphere Trusted Computer Base

Small Trusted Computing Base

Is your device's TCB protected from bugs in other code?

Microsoft Azure Sphere Dynamic Compartments

Dynamic Compartments
Can your device's security protections improve after deployment?

Microsoft Azure Sphere: Certificates

Certificate-Based Authentication
Does your device use certificates instead of passwords for authentication?

Microsoft Azure Sphere: Failure Reporting

Failure Reporting
Does your device report back about failures and anomalies?

Microsoft Azure Sphere: Renewable Security

Renewable Security
Does your device's software update automatically?

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