Embedded Software Overview

Microsoft provides the technologies and expertise you need to capitalize on the Internet of Things by building an intelligent system to gather, store and analyze your organization’s data. From devices on the edge of your network, to back-end systems and services, the data that flows through your enterprise will drive a new level of business intelligence. This all is made possible with the various Windows Embedded software solutions tailor-made to satisfy your business needs.

Microsoft differentiates between the product availability and the timeline of support. The product availability is the timeframe, in which the software can be distributed by manufacturers. This period ends with the End of License – EOL. Until the EOL date, embedded/IoT OEMs are allowed to sell their solutions with the licensed software.
Support or lifecycle period means the time from the product introduction until a specific date, Microsoft provides support for the software. The lifecycle for support ends normally on an earlier or the same date than the EOL. There are different support options, depending on the lifecycle of the product.


Windows Embedded Channel

The Windows Embedded Channel is an independent OEM channel beside the "normal" Desktop, Systembuilder and EPG division, focussed on industrial "Embedded" Systems.

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Server Systems

Avnet Silica offers expertise in Embedded Server solutions from Microsoft's portfolio.

Classic Operating Systems

Looking for a classic operation system embedded software? We have you covered with the full line of embedded solutions offered by Microsoft.

POS Operating Systems

Windows embedded solutions, optimized for retail point-of-service (POS) devices.

Windows Embedded:

Embedded Operating Systems

The operating system for innovative and small-footprint devices - designed specifically for embedded developers who need to bring new devices to market quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

Windows Embedded:

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