Windows 8.1 (For Embedded Systems)

Windows® 8.1 Professional for Embedded Systems is the embedded versions of the Classic Windows 8.1 desktop OS, and are available for fixed-function or dedicated systems.

They are designed for devices with a strict need for Microsoft Windows 8.1 application compatibility and where reduced footprint is not a primary design requirement.

Unlike Microsoft Windows Embedded 8 Standard, Windows 8.1 Professional with Embedded Restrictions is not a componentized version of the Windows OS and an OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) is needed to produce the OS image. Therefore, the OS image size is not as customizable.

Windows 8.1 Key Features

  • Standard Desktop / Standard Applications / Standard Drivers (API32)
  • Windows RT modern style multi touch interface (WinRT)
  • Internet Explorer 10 / 11
  • Reset / Refresh PC
  • Windows Defender
  • BitLocker
  • GroupPolicy
  • Client Hyper-V
  • Encrypting File System
  • Boot from VHD
  • Remote Desktop

Available Microsoft licenses for Windows 8.1 for embedded systems:

Microsoft SKU#




Windows 8.1 Professional (For Embedded Systems)



Windows 8.0 Professional (For Embedded Systems)