Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 vs. XP Professional

Microsoft Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 is a componentized version of the Microsoft Windows® XP Professional operating system that brings the rich feature set of Windows® XP Professional to embedded devices. However, there are some differences between Windows® XP Professional and Windows® Embedded Standard 2009.
The major difference is, Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 is engineered specifically to support embedded devices and their manufacturers. Windows® XP Professional has features that Windows® Embedded Standard does not include and vice versa. Windows-based applications can run on Windows® Embedded Standard, and embedded application developers can use the Windows API set to write applications, just like Windows® XP Professional developers do.

Product Matrix


XP Professional

Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 


Installation from CD

System development with Target Designer


Full XP Instalaltion

Componentized XP done with Target Designer


~ 1 GB

30 MB - 850 MB


Open system

Closed, fix function system (dedicated use)


~ 140 USD

~ 90 USD




Unique Features

Unique XP Professional Features

Unique Windows® Embedded Standard 2009 Features

Windows File Protection (WFP)

Enhanced Write Filter (EWF)

Windows XP Tour

File Based Write Filter (FBWF)

Windows Setup

Hibernate Once Resume Many (HORM)

Online product activation (WPA)

Message Box Interception

Out-Of-Box Experience (OOBE)

Boot from Read-Only-Medias (CD/DVD)

Windows Update Server Update

Device Update Agent (DUA)

System files that support upgrade scenarios

USB Boot

Obsolete Windows Image Acquisition files

Mini Logon (No Users)

MSN Explorer

Headless Systems (No Mouse / Keyboard / Graphic)