SQL Server IoT 2019

Editions Description

SQL Server IoT 2019 Standard

Full-featured database for mid-tiered applications on servers not exceeding 24 cores.

SQL Server IoT 2019 Enterprise

Intelligent applications requiring mission critical in-memory performance, security, and high availability.


SQL Server IoT 2019 SKUs


  SQL Server IoT 2019 Standard SQL Server IoT 2019 Enterprise>

Binary compatible to non-IoT SKUs


Max. # Cores


OS max.

Memory Support

128 GB

OS max.

Storage Size

524 PB

OS and Application preinstalled

Mandatory, only on new HW (no virtual appliance)

Line of Business Applications

Not allowed

Application type

Embedded application for a specific purpose only, cannot be used with other commercial applications

OS Version

Windows (Server) IoT, Linux (RHEL, SLES, Ubuntu)

Server + CAL licensing



Core only based licensing (no CAL needed)



High Availability

every node server (active or passive) must be licensed

Support Channel

LTSC, 5y Mainstream + 5y Extended, EOL  01/2030

Cumulative updates (CUs) bi-monthly, General Distribution Releases (GDRs) as needed for security-related fixes. CU and GDRs are voluntary updates (unless you have automatic updates turned on),

Software Assurance