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Microsoft IoT in Action Webinar Series

Webinars: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC and Windows 11 IoT Enterprise CBB

There’s a lot of rumors and information floating around Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC and Windows 11 IoT Enterprise CBB. We’d like to give you, as an Avnet Microsoft IoT OEM partner covered under an active CLA, some facts and valid information, by inviting you to the below online seminar.

The 90 minutes agenda

  • The Windows IoT Platforms
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise roadmap/plans
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC release
    • Windows 10 IoT Kiosk Mode
    • Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge
    • Support for lower cost devices
    • Soft Real-Time
    • New and Improved Lockdown features
    • Edge for Linux on Windows (EFLOW)
  • Windows 11 IoT Enterprise CBB release
    • New Features like GFX Improvements, Wi-Fi 6 and USB 4
    • Windows 10 IoT Kiosk Mode
    • Technical requirements
  • Q&A

Dates & speakers

  • English - Richard Eaton and Christine Falke: Tuesday, November 16th, 2021, 11:00 AM -12:30 PM CET
  • French - Nicolas Sebille and Bénédicte Chagot: Tuesday, November 16th, 2021, 14:00 - 15:30 PM CET
  • German - Marcel Bösing and Christine Falke: Monday, November 15th, 2021, 14:00-15:30 PM CET

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These webinars will be recorded.

Featured webinar

How to start with Azure Sphere

Available on-demand

Microsoft has introduced a comprehensive Internet of Things security initiative called Azure Sphere, with the goal of improving security for microcontroller units and an emphasis on an open ecosystem. Learn in this webinar how a simple MCU solution can submit data highly secured to the cloud without taking care about the security! We will cover the technology, the hardware and the software development part as well as a short look into Microsoft’s IoT Central SaaS solution on Azure.