Additional Licensing Provisions (ALP)

Additional Licensing Provisions (ALPs) or ALT (Additional License Terms) define distribution rights and restrictions specific to each individual Microsoft Embedded/IoT Licensed Product. The ALTs are available at the DPC (Device Partner Center), where OEMs can request access. This secured website provides all licensing related documents.
Breaking the seal (BTS - Break The Seal Agreement) on the Runtime License Envelope signifies an acceptance by the OEM to the terms and conditions of the ALTs. As such, ALTs should be read carefully before opening the Runtime License Envelope.

If the OEM does not agree with any of the rights or restrictions of the ALTs, the OEM should promptly return the product to Avnet Silica, prior to opening the envelope.

Opened envelops can't be returned. See below pictures from the deliverables. The left images shows the historical attached ALTs (Additional Licensing Terms) distributed with the runtime licenses envelope. The right image shows the BTS (Break The Seal Agreement) and the identification label. The right image shows the actual shipped envelopes including the license stickers

Visit the Microsoft Device Partner Center to find the product specific ALT.

The ALTs were found on the Runtime License Envelope in the past. Since 2015 they’re only available online from Microsoft. Please contact us, if you need access to DPC or a product specific ALT.