Microsoft OEM Customer License Agreement for Embedded Systems ("CLA")

To use Microsoft Embedded or IoT products, you need to become an OEM. That’s done by entering into an OEM Customer License Agreement (CLA) with Microsoft. The agreement gives OEM right to you and requires a special handling of the licenses. It grants you worldwide selling rights for your solution, based on hardware, software and your application. Your allowed to create own recovery medias and use language independent licenses. The CLA will be done over a secured internet portal from Microsoft.

The CLA is cost free and does not include any minimum quantity or pricing. It’s a base licenses agreement, covering all available products in this licensing option.

The actual CLA version 7.0 consist of the CLA itself, the PEG (Program Execution Guide) and the OPD (OEM Policy Document).

Please contact us for further information about the CLA and licensing process.